Pre-Session FAQs


What is Spiritual Hypnosis?

Spiritual Hypnosis is not traditional hypnotherapy or clinical hypnotherapy, it enables access to deep brainwave states helping you gain greater self-awareness and clarity in areas you choose while exploring a possible alternate reality in an entertaining way.

Spiritual Hypnosis and the accompanying music are for personal, spiritual, non-therapeutic use, and entertainment purposes only. They are not in any way meant to diagnose, treat, or cure any medical or psychiatric conditions, nor replace care provided by a licensed health care practitioner.

Does this form of Spiritual Hypnosis call upon any specific religion, archangels, spirit guides, crystals, etc?

No.  We respect different faiths and spiritual modalities and are not affiliated with any religious beliefs or other healing modalities. You control your session; we merely facilitate helping you answer your own questions. We won't bring in any other sources or helpers unless you choose to welcome them into your session.

How long are sessions and what should I expect?

Sessions typically last 2-3 hours or 4-5 hours. You get to decide which timeframe works best for you and we'll do our best to respect your timing requirements but please know that times may vary depending on what comes up.

During a session, we will follow this general format:

  • Client interview to understand your background and needs

  • Short break

  • Induction

  • Spiritual Hypnosis (Past life, Future life, etc)

  • Spirit Realm

  • Higher Self

  • Closing

  • Follow-on discussion about your experience

How do I prepare for a session?


For best results, prepare for a Spiritual Hypnosis session by listening to frequency music regularly before a session. Please also listen to this music for at least 30-60 mins directly before our session so your brain is already entrained to a brainwave state conducive to hypnosis. 

Disclaimer: Do not listen to brainwave entrainment music while driving or operating machinery.

Some free frequency music by binauralbeatsmeditation.com is available for download here. Information about their binaural beats and how they reference solfeggio frequencies to provide relaxing and possibly healing benefits can be found here.

Food & Drink

Eating an hour or 2 prior should prevent hunger during your session.

While it is good to come hydrated, please be mindful of not drinking too much water to prevent you from needing to use the facilities mid-session and interrupting your brainwave state and flow.

We also recommend not consuming caffeine or tobacco within a few hours prior to a session as it can be more difficult to get into your theta and delta brainwave states and to tap into deeper levels of consciousness.

Can I receive a session virtually?

Yes.  We understand that an in-person session isn't always possible or that our clients may prefer to receive a session from the comfort of their own space.  Because of that, we offer virtual sessions available via Zoom.

What do I need to have for a virtual session?

For remote sessions, you will need a computer and a cabled headset with a microphone and the ability to connect over Zoom. It is important to position your camera so your face is visible. We ask that you keep your computer plugged in throughout the session and and that you have a cabled headset to prevent any battery issues while you are in spiritual hypnosis.

Additionally, you should have a good wifi connection. Providing your phone number will be useful in case we are disconnected mid-session.

To limit distractions, please be prepared to relax in a quiet space where you can recline and focus.  An eye mask, small towel, or blinds can also help if the session is being conducted mid-day or near bright lights.

Do I need any experience?

No prior experience is required.  This is an interesting and fun experience that can also offer insights to your deepest questions or can be an adventure into the unknown.  

Even if you have experienced a session before, it is common to have very different experiences each time. You can also try a different type of spiritual hypnosis with a different focus.  We offer Past Life Regressions and Future Life Progressions currently and hope to expand our services soon to include Ancestral and Entity clearing work as well.

What types of insights will I gain?

The possibilities are endless for what you could discover. We recommend thinking deeply about what you'd most want to learn from your higher self, then come up with around 10 questions you would like to ask, organized with 1 being most important and 10 being less important.

Examples of such questions would be:

  • What am I supposed to accomplish in this lifetime?

  • What do I need to know about my current relationship with my partner?

  • Why do I feel blocked and exhausted with work?

  • Do I have any unknown capabilities or talents I should explore?

  • Why do I have this reoccurring dream?

  • How can I best serve my community?

  • How can I find peace daily in my life?

  • Are there any unconscious patterns I need to learn from and release?

  • What are some writing ideas I could explore for my book?

Please provide these the day prior to your session via agerenee@outlook.com.  

While we will do our best to cover all of your questions, sessions can be unpredictable and in order to respect your time, we may not be able to get to them all.  It is for this reason that we ask for you to prioritize your questions in order of importance.

Who can receive a Spiritual Hypnosis session?

We would love to work with anyone as everyone could benefit from this experience! However at this time, we are unable to work with anyone falling into the below categories:

  • Minors

  • Those seeking mental healthcare or counseling

  • Anyone with serious medical conditions (ie. stroke, heart issues, etc)

  • Anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol

Please seek help from a licensed medical or mental health service professional if you are looking for support with any medical or mental health conditions. We are unable to provide services we are not licensed for. We only provide spiritual hypnosis which is non-therapeutic and does not involve any diagnosis or treatment of any medical conditions.

Please also know that these are individual sessions unless specified as a group session.

How do I get there?

We prefer that you have someone else drive you and pick you up, however please let them know that they cannot stay for the session. We do not recommend that you drive yourself however if you choose to do so, please be aware that you may be a bit groggy and sleepy after the session.

Our office is located in the Baker Neighborhood of South Denver, Colorado. For those wishing to receive an in-person session, an address to our office will be provided prior to our session. Free street parking is available with no 2 hour time limitations.

Can I bring a friend to my session?

No. Unfortunately, having a friend observe your session can heighten your awareness and prevent you from fully shifting into deeper brainwave states.  If someone is going to drive you to the session, we recommend they drop you off and come back later on to pick you up rather than wait as sessions are likely to take hours.

Will my session be recorded and shared?

We respect the privacy of our clients and will not share any recordings without your written permission. Similarly, recordings are protected by copyright and are not allowed to be shared publicly without the practitioner's permission. Sharing with close friends and family members is allowed for personal use only.

We will not record your interview, induction, or any scripts used during the session however we will try to capture components of the session where the client is providing insights about their experience, where possible.

While we will do our best to record and provide your session, we cannot make any guarantees as there is always a chance of unforeseen technology issues.

Will there be any pets nearby?

Yes. We have a very sweet cat but please let us know if you have any concerns about interacting with her.  She may be roaming during your session as that is less likely to have an impact than her meowing and clawing at the door.  If you are allergic or prefer not to interact with her, we recommend doing a virtual session instead.

Can I get a package for more than one session?

Yes, if you would like to receive multiple sessions, please let us know and we should be able to work out a discounted rate to support your needs.


Post-Session FAQs


How should I expect to feel after the session?

Please take care after your session and don't plan to do anything too strenuous. You have been through an intense experience and may have a lot to process.

Do you have any after care tips?

It would be good to drink water and eat a nutritious meal afterwards. Relaxing following a session would be helpful.  You may want to go to sleep earlier than usual as it lets your body maintain its relaxed state while continuing to process the session.

Will I remember my session?

We are living in a heightened state of awareness as modern technology has rewired our brains to remain alert. Because of this, you will likely feel aware during your session though in a theta or delta brainwave state.

Though aware, you may not recall everything from the session but I will do my best to send a copy of the recording to you, barring any technical difficulties.

We also recommend journaling the evening and morning after your session as it can help you process and quickly retain insights and connections made.

Is there anything else I should be aware of?

Yes.  Keep an eye out for any "coincidences", signs, or revelations that present themselves to you during the hours and days that follow. You may also have vivid dreams and perceive the world around you differently after your session.  This is normal and any continued insights of shifts in your consciousness may provide valuable information to consider.

How can I provide a testimonial?

We greatly appreciate any feedback you have, whether positive or constructive!  We welcome feedback via email or through our contact form at this time.  We hope to expand our feedback options in the near future to include more sites as well.

If you still have questions, please reach out and let us know!

Contact us via the contact form on our main webpage or email us at agerenee@outlook.com